Work with the NRA
Award winning design studio in Southwest Virginia with over 25 years of professional graphic and web design experience. We serve all of Virginia, North Carolina and far beyond. Specializing in branding and identity, marketing, development and photography.
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Work with the NRA

  • NRA Graphics
  • NRA covers
  • NRA catalog
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Business, catalogs, Social Media
graphic design, visual art, web design
About This Project

National Rifle Association

Publications Division. Highly recognized for performance excellence for two complete overhauls of the online versions of their seven print magazines. Actively participated in strategic and conceptual brainstorming sessions with department heads and leaders.

• Collaborated, communicated, and engaged with cross-functional and interdepartmental teams to design trade show graphics, collateral material, website marketing and communications, including creative, digital, corporate communications.
• Digital project manager, web developer for, Guns & Hunting online forum, and blog working in close partnership with the NRA Publications Department and Shooting Illustrated staff.
• Redesigned and produced over 300 engaging e-commerce newsletters and direct mail pieces increasing online sales for Membership Division.
• Project manager/coordinator for redesign of six Membership Division product catalogs. Scheduled/directed photo shoots, created studio sets, provided design and layout, print production, cost, and color management.