New River Water Trail
Wild Country Studios, Alisa H Moody, played a significant role in establishing 37 miles of the New River in Giles County, VA as an official Water Trail. WCS designed the river signage, maps, logo, and even got Virginia Tourism Board to design an official "Virginia is for River Lovers" logo.
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New River Water Trail

  • New River Water Trail
  • New River Wate3r Trail
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About This Project

New River Water Trail

Starting around 2015 Giles County Tourism, and myself included, began looking into designating our 37 miles of the New River as an official  Water Trail. We began with a logo which took many turns before we landed on the simplest design that would work across a wide variety of media. Next was a map of the boat landings to aide paddlers in putting in and take outs as well as what was in the vicinity of that landing. Following that was the river trail signage. We worked on a website next. New River Water Trail includes more than a dozen access points along the county’s 37 miles of river, and lists eight nearby day hikes. The website — — features a number of trip-planning tools, including information on guide services, restaurants, lodging, events and activities. The online version of the Paddle Map has hot spots with valuable information on hikes, boat landing, and campgrounds. There are Day Trip Maps online as well. I requested on 1/11/2017 from the Virginia Tourism Board, who is in charge of the “Virginia is for Lovers” logo and tagline, to come up with a “Virginia is for River Lovers” logo. At my request they delivered several versions only a couple of weeks later. Those are now being used across promotional items in conjunction with the NRWT logo.

I also initiated contact with Natalie Warren (see email chain here) whom I learned of in Canoe and Kayak Magazine. After her visit to Giles County and paddling the New River with us, Natalie wrote the attached article.

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Exploring the New River Water Trail through Giles County, Va.


Natalie Warren Visits Giles County, Va.