Eagle Ridge Lodge
Award winning design studio in Southwest Virginia with over 25 years of professional graphic and web design experience. We serve all of Virginia, North Carolina and far beyond. Specializing in branding and identity, marketing, development and photography.
lodge, hospitality, design, business, tourism, Sketchup, architecture, interior design, logo, mood boards
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Eagle Ridge Lodge

Branding, Sketchup
illustration, interior design, SketchUp, visual art
About This Project

Eagle Ridge Lodge and Resort

Eagle Ridge Lodge and Resort is my brain child. I want to start a resort in Giles County that is located right off the public golf course and overlooking the New River.  After several years of designing it (losing everything due to computer crash twice) and talking to investors, I had almost committed to it in 2017. That is until my world changed and I inherited my grandchildren to raise.

Never the less, I continued to work on the rooms and overall design utilizing the newest in green materials and architecture. It is my passion.

  • Website Development
  • Mood Boards
  • SketchUp Designs
  • Logo Development
  • Catalog / Business Plan Development
  • Photography
  • Site Plans

View a pdf of the Business Plan/Catalog here.