Allure Spa
Wordpress website and logo creation by Wild Country Studios for Allure Spa and Skin Health
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Allure Spa

  • Allure Spa
  • Allure Spa
Branding, logos
logos, spa, Wordpress
About This Project

Kim Mann, owner of Allure Spa and Skin Health is the wife of Matt Mann who owns M-Rock Stone Manufacturing. Having worked with them both for years at M-Rock, I was so excited to be working with Kim on her new venture. Kim had a terrific sense of style and her spa is inviting and warm. I wanted to make sure her website reflected that. I design the first website using a lot of browns, orange creamcicle and teal colors and her first logo was a flower design that her brother in law designed a sign from. As her business grew and she moved to Blacksburg, we worked together to refresh her logo and her website. She now has received a ton of compliments on both. Her business is doing awesome and we continue to have a great working relationship.

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