Giles ACCE Program

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Muddy ACCE Race & Giles ACCE All In

Our mission is to drive registration to participate in the Muddy ACCE Race and raise money for the ACCE program.

Working with the Giles County Administration, we built a robust WordPress website capable of serving as the catalyst for registering to participate in the annual Muddy ACCE Race.

Originally having set up registration with EventBrite for the first 2 years, we decided to save cost and bring it in-house using the Event Espresso plugin. This powerful plugin has had everything we needed, including wonderful customer service by the developers.

The theme is Endurer and has provided the perfect balance of ease of use on the frontend and plenty of security on the backend.

We back it up using UpDraft Plus and have multiple plugins for all the other needs.

WCS also developed the logo, designs all digital and print marketing materials, maintains the site and works closely with participants and sponsors each year on registration and donations.

Develop a robust website, set up event registration, design marketing materials, logo development and collect online donations. Event photographer every year.
Giles County, VA