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Available for a wide variety of photographic needs. Be it event, architectural, personal, studio or editorial, I have the experience.
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Muddy ACCE Race fire jump

Event Photography

These are always fun and very exhausting. As lead photographer for the Muddy ACCE Race I am responsible to working with our volunteer ACCE students and other photographers to cover all aspects of the 5k – 50 obstacle race.

Paddling the New River

Landscape & Nature Photography

I just love getting out, hiking and taking photographs. My camera is always with me. Landscape and nature photography are my passion, but when opportunity knocks, I also do weddings and magazine shoots.

Roanoke Magazine

Editorial Photography

As a part-time photographer for Roanoke Business Magazine, I was able to get out and meet the most interesting people that I was photographing for articles. My photos made the cover three times and I had several inside spreads as well as multiple quarter and half page sizes.

ReNew the New

Event Photography

Staff photographer for “ReNew the New” and “Fall Into the New” river cleanup events in Giles County and the NRV.

Wish You Well

Event Photography

Getting to be the official after filming and screening photographer for “Wish You Well” movie, named for the book by author David Baldacci, allowed me to meet the actors, writers and producers. During the shooting of the movie in Giles County, VA, I was given access to the areas being shot.

Common Ground

Event Photography

For several years, as part of the volunteer committee for “Common Ground“, I was once again able to meet some the awesome Christian talent that played on stage during he event. Common Ground is a night of music and testimony that is shared with high schoolers in Giles County, VA.