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M-Rock Stone

M-Rock Stone
WordPress and WooCommerce

Our most recent redesign of M-Rock’s WordPress site utilizes WooCommerce for the shop. We decided it would be best to get rid out Volusion and bring the shop in-house for better control of the merchandising of product and SEO. Merging the site with the shop also gave us consistency in branding and kept customers from leaving the site. We wanted the new site to show how real the clients stone products looked compare with natural stone. So we placed images of manufactured stone on top of real stone outcroppings to illustrate it.

Signage and Stock Bay

We design all the signage that you see inside the Lowe’s stores as well as their booths for home improvement shows. Here you’ll see designs of the stock bay, stock bay overhead signage, floor displays and brochures.


We’ve been designing boxes for M-Rock since their start. Along with the traditional box which you’ve probably seen in Lowe’s stores, we also designed boxes for their P-Series, I-Series and M-Brick.

Marketing Collateral

Along with producing digital work for Social Media marketing and PowerPoint presentations, we also design all print collateral. Ads, sales sheets, brochures and vendor packets for M-Rock. They also provide installation instructions, illustrative diagrams, and photography of all products for use across multiple platforms.

Photography & Videos

We do all the studios photography and 70% of the architectural photography you see throughout the site and in all the marketing materials. Including that on Lowes.com. As an introduction to new products we developed several videos showing the ease of installation.

Client: M-Rock Stone Manufacturing